Program methodology

The TPwP program methodology uniquely supports people living with Parkinson's to improve their wellbeing and to bring about relief of symptoms, including a reduction in tremor.

Sessions include music, poetry, literary readings, meditation and gentle exercises to warm up prior to painting. The focus of the painting session is to provide a structured environment, tailored to meet the unique needs of those living with Parkinson’s symptoms. 

Artists work from ‘within’, are not instructed or directed, nor do they work from still life. Artists work without interruption, discretely supported and supplied with fresh materials and water, as needed.

Classical, instrumental or meditative music is played in the background to enhance the creative process, often described as ‘flow’. 

Each painting session concludes with respectful reflection and discussion on the work produced, with artists invited to participate in this discussion. 

Once dry, work is catalogued and stored for selection in upcoming exhibitions.  Work is formally exhibited to the public generally once a year.

Sessions run for approximately 90 minutes after informal socialising over a cup of tea or coffee and cake provided by valued volunteers.



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